Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The grass is greener on this side

Hallelujah! 7:30 am sharp this morning, 12 guys showed up to lay our sod. While doing some finishing touches in the back yard last night, Evan and I heard a truck in the front. It was our sod being dropped off. I had no idea we needed so much. 

Over 20 palets of grass just for us! They worked so quick this morning. Up to this point we have done all the work (except the fence) with the help of friends and family. A few of Evan's high school buddies helped build a retaining wall, Evan and Todd moved over 20 dump truck loads of dirt to the back yard to fill in the new retaining wall, Clay dug our sprinkler trenches, my dad and BIL helped with the installation of the sprinklers, I dug tree holes, and Evan leveled the yard. It's taken a lot of week nights and most weekends, but today it has come to an end! We still need to build stairs from the retaining wall to the garden, build garden boxes, plant 5 more trees, and fill in our flower beds. But, the most time consuming parts are done! I'm so grateful for all of the help from everyone. I'm glad Evan has the knowledge to do all of this work to save some money. Now, just waiting two weeks until the girls and I can play on the lawn. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lucy's Chores

Yes, you read that right. Lucy has chores! She usually helps with:

-putting all diapers in the garbage
-wiping the front of the stove and back door (her fingerprints!)
-cleaning the floor around her high chair
-wiping down whatever she wants with baby wipes
-collecting all her sippy cups and bottles to be washed
-shutting the door when we come in from the garage
-keeping Harper out of the vacuum cord while I vacuum

I always have to go back over things that she "helps" with, but she is learning and is always so proud when she can help. 

Holding the dust pan after lunch to pick up her mess. 

Wiping Harper's face! Sometimes her wipe comes back pretty dirt, not sure where she finds some of the dust but at least she cleaned something. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ear Tubes

Little Lu had her surgery this morning. Thank you everyone that kept her in your prayers. After a year and a half (13 months to be exact) of having chronic ear infections and failing countless hearing tests, we decided to seek out some specialists that recommended ear tubes and exploring any ear damage. We first saw a pediatric audiologist that tested her hearing, not surprised, she failed all the tests. She then referred us to an ENT. Along with our amazing pediatrician, the ENT recommended tubes. We arrived at Primary Children's at 8 this morning. Lucy was able to play in a cute little playroom until it was our turn for pre-op.

When it was our turn, we went back to the pre-op room. Lucy changed into a gown and the nurse got her vitals and gave her IB Profin and Tylenol. Since she couldn't eat before, she signed for more after the nurse was done. When she couldn't have more her signs got more intense!

 Her new thing to do is fist pump while chanting things. When Dr. Myers came in she started chanting "doc, doc, doc". He couldn't stop laughing! 

Everyone commented on how cute she is! When it was our turn to go to the OR, the nurse asked if we could walk the long way so she could show Lucy off to a co-worker. I didn't mind the extra few minutes with her before we had to part ways. 

When we made it to the end of the hall, the nurse took Lucy and I had to go and wait in the parent room. Luckily the procedure was only 10 minutes. I don't know if I could have waited any longer. I was able to meet her in the recovery room as she was waking up. She did not like waking up from the anesthesia. In order to be discharged, Lucy had to drink 4 oz of clear fluids and keep it down. After about 45 minutes, she only had 1 oz. The nurse said most kids just want to leave and drink it in the car so she let us leave since Lu had no interest in drinking. 

When we got home, Lucy slept from 11-5! She woke up in the best mood! I guess she just needed some sleep. She ate and drank whatever she could find until bed time. 

She also has been sporting these glasses all afternoon! She is in a happy mood and dancing with her baby. 

We have to go back in 4 weeks for a follow up and new hearing tests. Hopefully draining her ears and adding the tubes she will be able to hear better. Her ENT said that there is slight scaring inside her right ear (he doesn't seem concerned and thinks it was because of the constant fluid) and no damage to her coclea or eardrum. Lucy seems happy so far and hasn't shown signs to noise sensitivity. 

I'm so grateful for the doctors and nurses that took such good care of her today. All the staff at Primary Children's were so nice and friendly. I'm glad we decided to drive the extra bit to go to PCH and see the best doctors in the state. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

18 Months

I can't believe Lucy is 18 months! She is so sassy, I can't wait for the teenage years. Lucy is so kind and loving. I will probably say this a lot through the years, but I think this age is one of my favorite. She plays in her own (as long as I am in sight) and loves her sister. Here are some highlights of our little Lu.

-loves Harper. Sometimes too much, but she tries to be the best big sister she can be. 

-current nicknames: Lu, littles, sassy, baby Gandhi (she often goes on hunger strikes), sister friend

-current words: dada, mama, banana, milk, dog, duck, cake (pancake), cheese, hi, bye, 

-current signs: milk, bottle, duck, bird, fish, all done/finished, eat, drink, bed, dog, play, outside, sister, "L", "H", 

-finally walking! She definitely preferred crawling, but can walk!!!! I thought it would never happen

-She has been to nursery about 4 times. She only had one rough week, but I think it was because her teeth. 

-She reads all the time. Her favorite book is the Monsters Inc one. She will sit in the bumbo and read for hours. 

Movie: Monsters Inc (I think because of Boo. I think she thinks it's her)
Book: Monsters Inc and My First Words
Song: I'm a Little Tea Pot and Timber (seriously)
Snack: marshmallows (we are trying to break that habit)
Toy: her baby

-Lu has a fan club at the gym. She usually hangs out at the front desk for a bit before going into the daycare. All the workers and trainers love her. She even calls her nursery leader by one of the daycare girl's name. 

-We've made the move to one nap a day. She sleeps from 2-5 (Harper sleeps from 3-5 so it's a nice little break for me!). Someday she needs two (if she signs bed when we get home from the gym I'll lay her down for about an hour), but for the most part it's one a day. 

-We struggle daily to eat. My go to is Greek yoguart or string cheese since I know she will most likely eat that. She just doesn't have an appetite so I'm trying to find a balance between fighting  her for meals and letting her not eat. It's a work in progress. 

-I don't feel like she is small (look where she started), but I am told daily how tiny she is. 

-Give her an iPhone and she is happy! She knows how to get into my phone and find her games. She also puts the phone to her ear, holds it up with her shoulder, and blabs away. Don't mind the random phone calls or text you get from my phone!

-She loves to swing. She will sign outside and *I think* swing, so we walk to the park daily so she can sit on the swing. She almost has it figured out how to move her legs to make it go. 

-Lucy is spunky! She loves to sing and dance. She will sing along to the radio or just has her own little song in her head. 

Everyday more and more of her little personality comes out. Evan and I talk a lot about what type of personality she will have when she is older. She is such a sweet and loving little girl. You can't help but love her and smile when you are around her. Yes, she has epic tantrums already and has dented a few doors because she didn't get her way, but she lights right back up and moves on pretty quick. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sisters (round two)

Oh, these two. Every day they get cuter and cuter. I get asked quit often how things are going and my usual response is 'every day gets easier' or 'they are great', but in reality without Lucy (seriously) I don't know if it would be this easy. 

Lucy loves being a big sister and loves helping with Harper. Harper is getting better at being a little sister and is so patient with Lu. I love watching these two together and often catch them in deep conversation. 

My favorite moments of these two this month:

If Harper is in her car seat and upset, Lucy will find a way to rock her or say 'hi' until Harper smiles

Lucy encourages tummy time (more than I do even) and surrounds Harper with toys to keep her busy

They mostly want to be together. When we first brought Harpy home from the hospital, Lu wanted nothing to do with her. But now, I often find either Harper rolling to Lu or Lucy bringing Harper along when she plays. 

Lucy looks out for Harper. At the gym daycare, if Harpy is upset or alone, the workers tell me she will drop what she is doing to be the first to keep her sister company. 

I am the first to admit that I was so overwhelmed when we found out that I was pregnant and having two babies within a year, but looking at these two together I know that they were BFFs in heaven and couldn't be apart any longer. These two brighten my day everyday. I'm do glad I get to be their mama. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

While he was gone...

Evan was out of town for the past week for work, so it was a girls week! The girls and I stayed in all week playing and while they napped I kept myself busy by painting and crafting. Since the girls go to bed at 7 and 7:30, I needed a big project to do at night so I didn't watch TV all night. I decided to tackle a few huge projects! My parents gave us their old crib, so I decided to paint the oak bright white. I also added a few accent walls- our entire hallway, in my craft room, and a large monogrammed "H" in Harper's room. 

It was a busy week filled with projects, but I think I needed them so I wouldn't miss Evan as much and it helped the time pass. 

I forgot to take a before picture of the hallway, but first I taped the strips off every 16 inches. I then taped three arrows an inch thick and 8 inches long. 

I was nervous to do such a bold pattern in the front room, but once it was painted and the tape removed I fell in love. Slowly our house is getting decorated. 

The crib was a huge undertaking and took most of the week, but I think it turned out great. I used our paint sprayer since there are so many angles. I used three coats of the white and two polyurethane. 

It took three days of paint/dry time. Harper finally has a crib after 4 months- now to figure out how to assemble it!

I painted a wall in Harper's room a while ago (see above picture). Her room still looked kind of plain to me- now that I think of it, her room only had a rocking chair and pack and play. So I added a big monogrammed H to one of the walls. Once the crib is together I will hang a few pictures and her room should be done. 

My craft room wall was simple. I randomly painted gold dots along the wall. They are heavier towards the top and lighten towards the floor. This room is still a disaster, but hopefully I can get it together soon. 

I had a few random projects that I also worked on- sewing the girls bedding, shadow boxes with their blessing dresses and working on baby books. Like I said- I was trying to stay busy!

Monday, February 10, 2014


I try my hardest to protect my little girls. As friendly as Lucy can be, I guard her from strangers. Harper has never been "passed" around relief society. I wash my hands often and request those around us to wash too. I can be momzilla when random people at the store want to talk or touch the girls. 

But, and a big but, I will never be able to 100% shield them from the world. As much as we teach them to do what is right, others are showing them what is wrong. I thing I am a little numb to different things and am not as sensitive to things that I should be. I don't shield my eyes like I would the girls when a half naked person is on TV and foul language on the radio doesn't bother me when the kids aren't in the car. 

I've been thinking a lot about protection as the girls and I have been stuck in the house with nasty colds for the past week and a half. I keep a (mostly) clean house, sanitize regularly, and take vitamins but I couldn't stop an outside source from getting us sick. Lucy and Harper go to the gym daycare every morning. I can't stop another parent from bringing their sick child to the gym. 

I've had time to think about what I can so as a parent. I can teach them the gospel. I can teach them to be kind and loving. But I think mostly I can set a better example and not let others damper my spirit. 

I pray for them to grow up strong in the church. I pray for them to be examples to their friends. I pray for them to be strong and walk away when faced with temptations. 

We are on the up and up with our health. Harper has slept probably 20 of the last 24 hours and Lucy has started eating again- it's funny how they each have their own way to fight this. Fevers are starting to break and toys are finally being played with again.