Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The grass is greener on this side

Hallelujah! 7:30 am sharp this morning, 12 guys showed up to lay our sod. While doing some finishing touches in the back yard last night, Evan and I heard a truck in the front. It was our sod being dropped off. I had no idea we needed so much. 

Over 20 palets of grass just for us! They worked so quick this morning. Up to this point we have done all the work (except the fence) with the help of friends and family. A few of Evan's high school buddies helped build a retaining wall, Evan and Todd moved over 20 dump truck loads of dirt to the back yard to fill in the new retaining wall, Clay dug our sprinkler trenches, my dad and BIL helped with the installation of the sprinklers, I dug tree holes, and Evan leveled the yard. It's taken a lot of week nights and most weekends, but today it has come to an end! We still need to build stairs from the retaining wall to the garden, build garden boxes, plant 5 more trees, and fill in our flower beds. But, the most time consuming parts are done! I'm so grateful for all of the help from everyone. I'm glad Evan has the knowledge to do all of this work to save some money. Now, just waiting two weeks until the girls and I can play on the lawn. 

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